Volvo Trucks India Delivers: Curated Electric Tractor-Trailer Combination for Express Cargo Logistics with Delhivery

In the ever-evolving landscape of logistics, Volvo Trucks India is setting new standards with its innovative approach to transportation solutions. Teaming up with Delhivery, one of India’s leading logistics companies, Volvo Trucks India is introducing curated electric tractor-trailer combinations specifically designed for express cargo logistics. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the express trucking industry by enhancing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. In this article, we delve into the details of this groundbreaking collaboration, exploring how Volvo Trucks are pioneers and Delhivery are shaping the future of logisticsand game changer for  India.

Volvo Trucks: Pioneers in Road Logistics

Volvo Trucks have long been at the forefront of road Warehousing, providing reliable and efficiency of the express cargo transportation. With a rich history of innovation, Volvo Trucks International continues to lead the industry in developing high-performance vehicles that meet the evolving needs of Warehousing companies worldwide.

Founded in 1927, Volvo Trucks has built a reputation for quality and reliability, becoming a trusted name in the Warehousing industry. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous development of advanced truck technologies and solutions. Over the years, Volvo Trucks has introduced numerous groundbreaking features, such as automated transmissions, advanced safety systems, and fuel-efficient engines, which have revolutionized the way goods are transported on roads.

Volvo Trucks’ dedication to sustainability is also a key aspect of its pioneering role in road Warehousing. The company has been at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly transport solutions, including electric and hybrid trucks. These innovations are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of Warehousing operations, contributing to a more sustainable future. By investing in green technologies, Volvo Trucks not only meets regulatory requirements but also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation options.

Volvo Trucks India: Leading the Charge

In India, Volvo Trucks India has made significant strides in enhancing the Warehousing landscape. The company’s partnership with Delhivery, one of India’s leading Warehousing firms, marks a pivotal moment in the industry. Volvo Trucks India delivers solutions that are not only efficient but also tailored to the unique requirements of the Indian market.

Volvo FM: The Heart of the Fleet

The Volvo FM model plays a crucial role in this partnership. The Volvo FM 420 4×2 tractor-trailer solution was introduced for express cargo Warehousing, setting a new standard for performance and reliability. This highly reliable and driver-friendly truck is designed to operate efficiently for long hours, making it an ideal choice for express cargo movement.

Delhivery and Volvo: A Strategic Partnership

The collaboration between Delhivery and Volvo is a game changer for India’s Warehousing sector. Sahil Barua, CEO of Delhivery, highlighted the importance of this partnership in building a vital link in the logistic chain. Delhivery and Volvo have come together to enhance the efficiency of express cargo operations, ensuring speedy delivery and cost efficiencies for their customers.

Tractor-Trailer Combinations: A Solution for Express Cargo

The deployment of tractor-trailers in express trucking is a significant step towards improving the Warehousing infrastructure in India. These tractor-trailer combinations are curated for express cargo, offering superior performance and reliability. The first deployment of these tractor-trailers in express trucking operations is expected to revolutionize the industry.

Volvo FM 4×2: A Focus on Efficiency

The Volvo FM 4×2 tractor-trailer solution is designed to deliver the best man-machine performance, with a superior clutch-free driveline that allows for effortless driving. This focus on efficiency helps reduce delivery time, improving by up to 20%, and maintaining an average running of over 20 hours a day.

Express Cargo Movement: Key to Success

Express cargo movement is a critical aspect of Warehousing. The introduction of larger tractor-trailers in the express trucking industry, similar to the Volvo FM 420 4×2, is expected to enhance the efficiency and reliability of cargo transportation. This move will take the overall Volvo Trucks fleet in Delhivery operations to new heights, ensuring timely delivery to their customers.

Volvo Trucks and Delhivery: Building India’s Largest Trucking Terminals

Volvo Trucks and Delhivery are committed to building some of India’s largest trucking terminals at key locations in Delhi. This initiative is aimed at upgrading the Warehousing infrastructure and improving the supply chain. The partnership will also focus on bringing in more partner fleets, enhancing the overall Warehousing network.

Electric Trucks: The Future of Logistics

Electric trucks are set to play a significant role in the future of Warehousing. Volvo Trucks is leading the charge in this area, with the first deployment of electric tractor-trailers in express trucking operations. These electric trucks offer a solution for express cargo Warehousing that is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

Volvo Trucks International: Setting Global Standards

Volvo Trucks International continues to set global standards of transport efficiency and reliability. The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that Volvo Trucks will continue to lead the industry in providing high-performance vehicles for Warehousing companies worldwide.

Vinod Aggarwal: A Visionary Leader

Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks India, emphasized the importance of this partnership in achieving the business goal of delivery efficiency. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in driving the success of Volvo Trucks in India and beyond.

 Upgrading Our Own Fleet: Bringing in More Partner Fleets

As part of their commitment to improving Warehousing infrastructure, Volvo Trucks and Delhivery are not only focusing on developing advanced vehicle solutions but also on upgrading their existing fleet. By incorporating the latest technologies and ensuring their trucks meet the highest standards of performance, Volvo Trucks is enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their Warehousing operations. Additionally, by bringing in more partner fleets, Delhivery and Volvo aim to expand their reach and improve their overall Warehousing network, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods across India.

 Building a Vital Link in the Logistic Chain

The collaboration between Volvo Trucks and Delhivery is more than just a partnership; it is about building a vital link in the logistic chain. By combining Volvo’s expertise in manufacturing high-performance trucks with Delhivery’s extensive Warehousing network, this partnership is set to create a more robust and reliable Warehousing infrastructure. This initiative not only benefits the Warehousing industry but also contributes to the broader goal of enhancing India’s supply chain capabilities. With the deployment of advanced tractor-trailers and the construction of large trucking terminals, partnership with volvo Trucks and Delhivery are laying the foundation for a more efficient and sustainable logistics ecosystem.


Volvo Trucks India delivers on its promise of providing curated electric tractor-trailer combinations for express cargo logistics. The partnership with Delhivery is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, Delhivery and Volvo are building a vital link in the logistic chain, ensuring speedy delivery and cost efficiencies for their customers. Congratulations to Delhivery and Volvo Trucks on this groundbreaking collaboration!

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